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Take your translations to the next level

Automate away those repetitive tasks and QA checks with the Lokalise editor. Both a powerful CAT tool and a collaborative localization platform, Lokalise editor leaves translation to the true experts (that's you).

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More than a CAT tool

Translation memory

Translation memoryensures consistent, quality work. With both fuzzy matches and concordance search, our TM saves your whole team time.


Keep terms consistent, accurate, and easy for the whole team to follow by building a glossary. Simply type and glossary suggestions will appear in the editor.

Quality assurance checks

Never miss a typo, extra space, or inconsistent placeholder with ourautomated QA checks. This means more time to translate, and less to worry about errors. You can also enable ourlexiQA integrationfor a deeper review.

Machine translation

Here to help you out are machine translations from Google, DeepL, and Microsoft. Create an automation to pre-translate new entries or machine translate as you go.

Visual context

Avoid all the back and forth on images orscreenshotsthat go with your translation. You’ll know exactly what you’re translating and save even more time.

Collaborative editor

Centralize all your translations in the Lokalise editor for oversight from the whole team. Choose to view in multilingual or bilingual mode.

Create a workflow that works for you

on your translation, or speed up your work using keyboard shortcuts, you can do it in Lokalise.

  • Tasks

    TasksGet a quick overview of your upcoming translations and automatically push your translation to review once you’re done.

  • HTML_placeholders_as_blocks@2x

    HTML placeholdersHide HTML placeholders to stay focused on the text, and your developers will never need to worry about HTML errors.

  • Hot_keys

    ShortcutsSpeed up entering your translations withkeyboard shortcuts.

  • Key_tagging

    Key taggingGroup your translation keys by adding your own tags to them, making it easier to organize your work.

  • Sketch_integration@2x

    Design tool integrationsIntegrations with Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch allow you to start working on a project before development begins.

  • Translation_history_@2x

    Translation historyRestore previous versions of your work with one click. Every change or edit by your team is saved, so you never lose track.

  • Tags2

    Custom translation statusesUse your own states to describe the status of any translation. Choose custom words and color-code the statuses for a simpler overview.

  • Multilingual_view2x

    Bilingual and multilingual viewChoose to focus on just two languages or switch to view all the languages you need to translate.

  • Chat@2x

    CommentsChat with your contributors within your project. Ask questions, notify stakeholders, or ask for clarity around specific translations.

  • Duplicate_finder

    Duplicate finderWhen the same strings appear more than once, avoid translating them twice by merging or linking them.

  • Focus_mode@2x
    Focus mode

    Remove the extra noise, like key names and icons, and focus on the translation task at hand.

  • Dark_mode
    Dark mode

    If you prefer your screen in dark mode, switch whenever you need to by going to your profile and selecting it.

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The two main challenges for translations are consistency and providing enough context to translators. Both things are doable with the help of Lokalise.

Kasper Supre, Product Manager at Rydoo

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