Translate in context and improve translation quality

Lokalise context sharing tools allow you to give your translators and team members more context by showing where and how the translated text will be displayed.

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In-context translation editor

TheLiveJSeditor allows you to make real-time direct translation changes while browsing your website.


Use screenshots with automatic text recognition

Get automatic OCR (optical character recognition) of the text on your screenshots. Plus, powerfulscreenshot managementand tagging.


Share visual context via design tools

Use the Adobe XD, Figma, or Sketch plugins to automatically share new design content and screenshots of your web or mobile app to Lokalise and help your copywriters and translators understand the context.


Context-specific automated translation with Lokalise AI

Write a short description about where your copy will be displayed, your industry, preferred tone, and more, and get high-quality translations automatically with Lokalise AI. This feature is currently in closed beta – you can sign-uphere.


Lokalise allowed us to scale into new markets by adding new languages with little effort. Adding extra context to our resources helped us to provide more accurate translations.

Kasper Supré, Product Manager

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