Lokalise Messages for Intercom

Use Lokalise Messages for Intercom for localization and translation of conversations between customers and agents in real time

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Deliver great customer experiences, no matter where your customers are or what languages they speak

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    Localize customer service in real time

    Delight your customers by consistently serving them in their native language, all while improving your CSAT and NPS.

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    Ensure smooth global expansion

    Don’t let language disrupt your customer support operation when serving a whole new audience.

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    Make smarter, data-driven decisions

    Analyze insights on contact volume per language, and make smarter hiring decisions.

No need to speak every language – because we do


AI-powered neural machine translation

Real-time machine translation of Intercom tickets and chat text in 100+ languages, powered by artificial intelligence.


Language-based routing

Automatically detects customers’ languages and routes conversations to native agents.



Full visibility of customer service interactions per language with a language stats dashboard and metrics.



Accurate translation of your industry and company terminology with customized glossary entries.

The preferred real-time multilingual support integration of 1000+ customers

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How Lokalise Messages for Intercom works


Learn more about about multilingual customer support

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    Live demo

    Live Demo: Lokalise Messages for Intercom

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    How to integrate multilingual live chat into your customer support workflow

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    The importance of speaking your customers' language

75% of consumers are more likely to repeat a purchase if customer care is in their native language. Why wait?

Try Lokalise Messages for free or let us show you how it works.