Lokalise for Storyblok

Manage your Storyblok content translations for every use case, including websites, mobile apps, help desks, e-commerce, and more.

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A flexible CMS meets a flexible TMS

Storyblok makes it easy to create and manage your content across different platforms. Lokalise brings the same simplicity to structuring your translation process. Get the best of both worlds: deliver localized content wherever you need it.


Centralize your content localization efforts

With just a few clicks, invite your teammates, freelancers, partner agencies, or larger LSPs to work on the translation project in a single workspace. Organize your workflow in the way that works best for you.


Faster translations, fewer errors

Use Lokalise to continuously translate content in Storyblok, ensuring it’s always ready for release. Increase productivity with the 40+ available integrations and built-in tools such asin-context editing,Automations, and advanced QA checks. Deliver faster across all languages, plus maintain translation consistency, and lower costs.


How the Lokalise Storyblok integration works

  • Connect your tool with Lokalise using the integration

    Storyblok with Lokalise

  • Push language files from your repository to Lokalise using the integration

    stories to a Lokalise project

  • Translate strings using the Lokalise integration

    any new or updated content

  • Pull translated strings to your repository using the Lokalise integration

    translated content back to Storyblok

Publish localized content with ease

With Lokalise, update, translate, and deploy your Storyblok content within a single localization platform, with change cycles being as short as needed.


See Lokalise + Storyblok in action

Get a live customized demo and let us show you how the Lokalise + Storyblok integration can improve your localization workflow.